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2023 Line up 

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Buffo's Wake

Our headliners this year are the incredible Buffo's Wake, hailing all the way from deepest darkest Brighton. With musical influences as wide ranging as Drum 'n' Bass, Klezmer, Gypsy and Funk, and an attitude of punk, swagger and all-out paryting, they are going to rock you and the woods into the night. You've been warned!



We're thrilled to welcome BACK the awesome Headmix to the woods, bringing their foot-stomping mix of folk, dub and infectious grooves, played to socially-conscious lyrics. There'll be more of them this year, doing a bigger, louder set, getting the party going as the evening sets in after dinner.

World Wide Welshman

We're SO happy to welcome back World Wide Welshman, AKA Liam Rickard to perform his beautifully sung multi-lingual folk-rock. He will take you on an exhilarating musical journey from Wales to China via the rest of the world. And last time, his band played beautiful sea shanties round the fire in the small hours, so we're hoping for that again! He's also a damned lovely guy who'll you'll almost certainly end up chatting to at some point.

Nine Dead Mice

Brighton-based Nine Dead Mice bring their foot-stomping, arm swirling and feel-good-inducing take on traditional English, Celtic and European folk into the woods. With just guitar, violin, cello and vocals, they bring a raw energy and passion to their music, which will sound wonderful reverberating among the trees on a late summer's day.


landline 1010

Hailing all the way from Up North, we are super stoked to have the legendary landline 1010 performing one of his leg-twisting, booty-busting, hip-shaking sets for us once the headliners have left the stage. He ran rave sound systems back in the day, has had his own tracks played by Carl Cox, and is just an all-round excellent DJ. Expect hard breaks, big beats, jaw-dropping mash-ups, and a messy dance floor...

Jake Rodrigues

We're delighted to welcome back Jake, whose one man band is perhaps the nation's best known, with performances on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show, singing Beyonce’s single ladies in the pub style with Al Murray, and being a steak and kidney pie taster and cockney knees up instigator for Jamie Oliver. Jake’s silliness and infectious fun will entertain 2 year olds to 92 year olds, which is precisely what he accomplished at last year's festival (though we can't verify we had any 92-year-olds)


True Jimfest veterans, WishWorks have played ALL 14 festivals. So we welcome back our dearly-loved friends Sally and Andy with their unique brand of madcap puppetry. Whether you've seen them perform or not, they are firm favourites of ours, and an absolute must-see

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