Sorry we are now sold out and our returns list is full.

Adult (aged 17+): £45   Child (aged 3-16): £12      

Your Saturday evening meals are  free, but you must book these with your tickets

You can also book breakfast for Sunday morning: £7 full brekkie; £3.50 brekkie roll


All tickets will be charged a 3% booking fee plus a single 50p transaction fee per order.

Please read the following, short T&Cs. Buying tickets means you have agreed to these.

The ticket link is below these

Terms & Conditions:

Entry tickets are non-refundable whether or not we're sold out. You may transfer tickets to others but you and they MUST notify us by email ( no later than September 4th, otherwise they will be invalid and the new ticket-holders will be refused entry. 

If you or anyone in your household have tested positively for Covid up to 14 days before the festival, you (and any others in your household) must not attend. You will be refunded once we have seen proof of a positive PCR test. Refunds can take several weeks to process.

Cancellation of festival due to Covid: If we have to cancel the festival due to Covid restrictions, you will receive a full refund, but this can take several weeks to process.

Reduction of festival size due to Covid: If we need to reduce the amount of attendees to the festival due to Covid, we will do this in fair order according to when you purchased tickets. Attendees who are asked not to come will receive a full refund, but this can take several weeks to process.

Vehicle tickets are refundable until 1 August. Breakfast bookings are refundable until 31 August. Both subject to 50p admin fee, and booking/transaction fees not refundable.

If you have not booked a vehicle, you must not try to bring one on the day. By prior arrangement (by email), a limited number of people may unload all their stuff at a designated drop-off point, then immediately take their vehicle off-site. You absolutely cannot leave an unbooked vehicle unattended on site: doing so will result in ejection from the festival and being refused entry to future ones.

You will be emailed health and safety information closer to the time of the festival: we ask that you read this carefully and email it on to all other adults in your party. There may not be any first-aiders on site, and we only have a small, limited first aid kit, so you and your children's safety and welfare are your responsibility. There are unprotected natural and man-made hazards in the woods (which are not associated with the festival), and we cannot take responsibility for injuries caused by these. See info page for details 

Festival of Jim organisers cannot be responsible for any theft/ loss of or damage to property. You will be parking your vehicle on dirt tracks or grassy areas in an unsecured area, so please bear this in mind